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..une oeuvre collective..

ateliergeorges - founded by urban architects Yvan Okotnikoff and Aurélien Delchet and landscape engineers Thibault Barbier and Mathieu Delorme - is a multidisciplinary platform of permanent exchanges around the production of cities and regions. It combines profiles that are both different and engaged, inventing and experimenting with new ways of observing and conceiving urban projects, with the fertility of exchanges. In each situation, the collective adapts to the context and the given subject and mobilizes local re-appropriation, know-how and expertise.

Yvan Okotnikoff and Aurélien Delchet are graduates of the ENSA in Clermont-Ferrand. They collaborated for 5 years at the Obras Paris agency on urban projects and territorial strategies. Thibault Barbier and Mathieu Delorme studied at the National School of Nature and Landscape in Blois. As a graduate of the DSA of the ENSAVT in Marne-la-Vallée, Thibault Barbier joined the agency Obras Paris before coordinating locally the second stage of the project of the island of Nantes in the team uapS + Smets. Mathieu Delorme, holder of the Masters Degree in Urban Management at ESSEC, has developed the Parisian agency of INTERLAND in prospective and territorial strategy.

ateliergeorges have been awarded the Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes 2014 and won the Europan 11 competition in Savenay, the Europan 12 competition in Paris-Saclay and the the Europan 13 competition in Montreuil.

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