31.05.2017 um 18:00

Charlotte Maltere-Barthes

RESISTANCE - urban design and the empowerment of architects

Charlotte Malterre-Barthes is an architect and urban designer, director of the Master of Advance Studies in Urban Design at the Institute of Urban Design (ETH Zürich.) Graduated from the ENSA Marseille, TU Wien and ETH Zürich, Charlotte is principal of the urban design practice OMNIBUS. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on the correlations between food systems and the built environment in Egypt. She edited the award-winning book “Housing Cairo: the Informal Response”. Charlotte is a co-initiator and member of the Parity Group, a grass-root movement within the Architecture Department at ETHZ challenging the gender imbalance in architectural practice and in academia.

Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, director of studies of the MAS Urban Design at ETHZ and co-founder of the urban research office OMNIBUS argues that, while often-misunderstood, urban design is in fact a resistance tool for the empowerment of architects and designers.
As architects have been losing ground globally to both informal modes of construction and to the speculative real-estate sector, it is urgent to conduct a reflection towards a defiant repositioning of the discipline of architecture and planning against its eroding leverage. Resistance exists in many forms and is practiced every day by architects, educators and designers who have refused to curb to the ever-increasing pressure of forces of capital. Resistance must and can be organized through research, practice and pedagogical activities, through spatial agency, political commitment, and other engagements.