The faculty is divided into three teaching and research segments, i.e. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and economics and the social sciences.

The academics and research area mechanical engineering comprises two Institutes
•    Traffic Engineering,
•    Production Research.

In terms of academics, this field is predominately linked to curricula of the degree programmes Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Moreover, we offer many of our teaching services to a number of other academic programmes.


In the academics and research field of Electrical Engineering, the Chairs of the Institutes of

Electronics and information technology and
Power Engineering

have been combined, where by the latter is more typical of a Mechanical Engineering Chair (Chair of Power Plant Technology). Academically, this section is responsible for the Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering programmes, for fields of study in Energy Supply and Power Plant Technology/Management in the context of the Industrial Engineering programme, together with the Computer Science Chair of Faculty 1 for Information and Media Technology.


Academic and research specialties in the field of Economics and Social Sciences are divided among the

Institute of Economics and
Institute of Ergonomics and Social Science.

For years we have been offering a broad range of teaching excellence in the fields of Industrial Engineering, eBusiness, Business Mathematics, Culture and Technology, as well as World Heritage Studies. Furthermore, we provide a number of our modules as an academic service to the context of transdisciplinary studies.