Profile of the Institute of Economics

In their academics and research endeavours, the Chairs of the Institute of Economics examine a number of contemporary subject matters from the point of view of business administration, as well as a traditional economics problems arising in the context of value chain management. In addition to applying formal models to examine cause and effect relationships in conjunction with modern teaching methods, traditional concepts and theories are also employed to facilitate practical and comprehensive analyses of complex problems.

The research goals of the Institute’s Chairs are exceedingly diverse and include unusual topics such as demographic issues and problems pertaining to labour market policies, various risk management issues and even market oriented strategies and innovations. This is the information that private companies and other organisations need to retain their market shares. A strong interdisciplinary linking of areas of research focus can generate important scientific advances that are then passed on to our students within the framework of a practical learning approach. It is important to note that both the obligatory and interdisciplinary courses offered by the Institute’s Chairs are already important components of a number of degree programmes, e.g. Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Culture and Technology.

In addition to a number of intramural cooperation projects with other BTU Chairs, the Institute also maintains numerous contacts with universities and polytechnics, both at home and abroad (e.g. in Norway, Turkey, Spain, and France). The Chair also promotes, and strives to continually expand its contacts with institutions in industry and politics.


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