Profile of the Institute of Electronics and Information Technology

The Institute’s main focus is on research in the core subjects of Mobile Communications and Health and Living Technologies. It cooperates with numerous universities and partners in industry.
The field of Mobile Communications examines technical components and related signal analyses, scalable systems, super broadband technology (video, audio, software radio), wearable electronics, high frequency and microwave circuit engineering, as well as the contents and consequences of technology and market research. The field of Health and Living Technologies focuses on networking components, communication and assessment, eHealth and telemedicine, as well as biomedical devices. The interdisciplinary working group HeLiTec was established to examine these topics, in which 11 Chairs are presently participating.
As regards research and teaching, a number of ultramodern research facilities and laboratories are available to our students. These include the Central Electrical Engineering Laboratory (ZEL) for basic education purposes, a professional audio-video studio, a certified dead room for acoustic measurements and an amateur radio station (ham shack).

In academics, the Institute is responsible for all seven degree programmes. These cross-faculty programmes are reinforced by special teaching events. Courses in Information and Media Technology (IMT) and Electrical Engineering are pivotal tools in this regard.
The focal points of our scheduled lectures are:
-    Basics of Electrical Engineering
-    Classic telecommunications engineering
-    Media Technology
-    Video Technology, Image Processing
-    Audio Technology and Acoustics
-    Speech Processing
-    Communication Science    
-    Electronic systems    
-    Biomedical Electronic Engineering
-    High Frequency and Microwave Circuit Engineering
The Central Electrical Engineering Laboratory (ZEL) supports our basic training efforts with a number of laboratories that give our students the opportunity to gain practical experience. We invite visiting lecturers (Carl Thiem Clinic, Sana Heart Centre, and Synergy Microwave Europe), thereby actively promoting practical training and exposure to real research activities.

Detailed information about these research activities and facilities can be found on the pertinent Chair website.

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