Profile of the Institute of Ergonomics and Social Sciences

The Institute offers a number of Bachelor courses in Business Administration, Information and Media Technology and Culture and Technology, as well as Master courses in World Heritage Studies and Environmental and Resource Management. In addition, many other courses are offered in the framework of our transdisciplinarity study approach (FÜS). Transdisciplinary modules are an important component of the BTU’s overall development goals, i.e. to develop and to promote interdisciplinarity in all its academic programmes. A number of other new course offerings have been conceived of late. For instance, since the start of the winter semester 2007/08, a new Bachelor course in Business Administration is on offer. A Master course in Business Administration is planned for the winter semester 2008/09, and here again the Institute is closely involved.  – The university plans to develop innovative graduate programs.
The importance of the academic and research fields of sociology of education/cognitive science is steadily increasing, which is why they are to be expanded and secured, in order to make a constructive future contribution to the BTU.

Our research efforts receive considerable support from external funders. With its many projects supported by the German Research Council (DFG), the BMBF of the EU Commission, various foundations, federal and state ministries and other funding providers, our Institute has been instrumental in helping the BTU Cottbus attain its excellent reputation at regional, national and international levels. This reputation is underscored by the recognition our scientific performance receives both nationally and internationally. This is demonstrated in the existing cooperative partnerships we maintain with countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as activities and memberships in the German Council of Science and Humanities, in the Society for Social Scientific Labour Market Research (SAMF). We participate in national and international commissions such as the DAAD or UNESCO and have honorary and guest chairs at the European University (EUI) in Florence, universities in Peking and Jakarta, and we have been awarded a UNESCO Chair in Heritage Studies. This proven research excellence is articulated in the myriad of articles that have been published in countless scientific journals (cf. homepages of the Chairs in Intercultural Issues, Linguistics, Teaching Methodology, Foreign Languages and Economic and Industrial Sociology).

Chairs of the Institute Ergonomics and Social Sciences