Profile of the Institute of Production Research

The research focus of our Institute comprises the entire spectrum of Production Research, ranging from materials, to product development, business and production processes and even human factors. In the fields of lightweight construction, engineering, risk management and logistics the Institute’s Chairs cooperate in a close interdisciplinary manner.

In a concerted effort to promote development of innovative lightweight components, our research and development endeavours concentrate on the manufacturing and processing of innovative lightweight building materials. Speciality areas here include lightweight metal building materials, high-temperature materials, process development for transforming and assembling, in addition to simulation techniques for new materials and combinations of materials, as well as durability and component safety. The application-oriented research in the field of lightweight construction are clustered in the Research Centre for Panta Rhei - Centre for Lightweight Construction Materials gGmbH.

Furthermore, planning, organisational and software development tasks are very successfully managed in connection with modelling, automation and regulation of manufacturing processes and logistical material flow issues. This covers the entire product lifecycle from the innovation phase, through product manufacture and even recycling, business administration and organisational aspects, as well as quality management. As regards the planning and organisation of modern work processes, technology-induced stress in man-machine interfaces are examined in ergonomic and industrial psychology terms. 

In terms of academics, students in the Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing degree programmes and other interdisciplinary programmes learn how to implement cutting-edge, scientific findings in practical terms. These courses focus on production engineering, lightweight construction, virtual manufacturing, as well as lightweight construction and design. Students learn interdisciplinary and problem-solving oriented procedures on the basis of exercises, seminars and joint courses offered by the Institute’s Chairs, in addition to project-based interdisciplinary laboratories and initiation projects.

Chairs - Production Research Institute