What is "myBTU Lernportal"?

myBTU Lernportal is an internet-based  learning management system (LMS). Face-to-face teaching can be arranged in a more attractive way by focusing stronger in the learning process and distance study programs can be also assisted with its help. (Keyword: blended learning)

myBTU Lernportal offers the possibility to make teaching and learning contents available in different data types on the central learning platform. The electronic materials put there, can be assigned to a different classes and they can also be restricted to a defined group of users. Furthermore, instruments for the cooperative work, as well as for the user’s administration will be available at myBTU Lernportal.

myBTU Lernportal  is based on the learning management system ClixCampus, it supports  the availability and the use of learning contents and it contains instruments for the cooperative work, as well as for the users administration.


Which benefits offers a learn management system?


  • The administrations and support of all system components will be kept safe in the BTU-Central in IKMZ; so that the colleagues who were so far responsible for the supervision of the respectively Websites of the department chairs can be relieved of this work. Resources, for example, a local operator server has not to be held out.
  • The access to knowledge contents which are protected by copyright can be restricted at the Learn portal for a certain number of students. In concordance with the copyright law  (UrhG § 52a, Abs.1, Nr.1), where for Example,  my BTU Learnportal offers courses with an obligatory  registration and this courses will be only set free for the members of the corresponding group.
  • myBTU Lernportal supports the Online tutorial mentoring of practice groups, including a variety of possibilities to review the knowledge in an autonomous way with internet based tests.
  • An evaluation of the courses with media help is possible with myBTU Lernportal.






You get the following support options at the IKMZ/Multimedia center, where the project team eLean@BTU resides:

  • Disposition of the central Learning Portal myBTU
  • Technical Support
  • User consultation
  • User training course for students, professors and tutors