5.20      United Kingdom
5.20.0 United Kingdom General
5.20.1 Great Exhibition of the Industry and Works of All Nations, London 1851
5.20.2 International Exhibition, London 1862
5.20.3 International Exhibition, London 1874
5.20.4 International Health Exhibition, London 1884
5.20.5 American Exhibition, London 1887
5.20.6 International Exhibition, Glasgow 1888
5.20.7 Irish International Exhibition, London 1907
5.20.8 Franco-British Exhibition, London 1908
5.20.9 Japan-British Exhibition, London 1910
5.20.10 Glasgow History Exhibition, 1911
5.20.11 British Empire Exhibition, Wembley 1924-1925
5.19.12 Empire Exhibition, Glasgow 1938
5.19.13 Britain Can Make it Exhibition, London 1946
5.19.14 Festival of Britain, London 1951

5.20.0    United Kingdom General

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5.20.1    Great Exhibition of the Industry and Works of All Nations, London 1851

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5.20.2    International Exhibition, London 1862

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5.20.5    American Exhibition, London 1887

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5.20.6    International Exhibition, Glasgow 1888    

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5.20.9    Japan-British Exhibition, London 1910

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5.20.13    Britain Can Make it Exhibition, London 1946

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