26.06.2013 um 18:00

Agata Spaziante

Industry and Cities - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The lecture will go through the evolution of the relationship industry – cities in some of the main industrial areas in Italy, “yesterday”, during the last 60 years with a special attention to Turin, not by chance named “the Italian factory-city”, the FIAT "one-company town", as considered the emblematic case of the heady and fast process of change driven by the industrialization. “Today”, the strategic relationship industry - city has become a critical topic, particularly difficult in a context and in a time in which all the models pulling the development are in crisis and no new model is appearing, capable of proposing either new solutions to this relationship or giving new answers to these questions. So the lecture will go to conclusion asking what will happen “tomorrow”, when the new and heady processes developed in the last 5 years will be wide spreading allover, even if they probably will be still incomprehensible, perhaps unpredictable, certainly unexpected? All our disciplines (and urbanism at the forefront) have queried (or perhaps they should have queried) even more dramatically: what factories, in which cities we are going to have tomorrow?