29.04.2015 um 18:30

Matias Echanove

The Slum Outside - Elusive Dharavi

Matias Echanove studied economics & government at the London School of Economics, urban planning at Columbia University, and urban information systems at the University of Tokyo. His research includes participatory urban planning and design, local economic development and information and communication systems. He lives and works in Mumbai where he co-founded the Institute of Urbanology with Rahul Srivastava, merging fieldwork, theoretical engagement and consulting. He is co-founder of URBZ, a platform promoting collaborative urban planning practices and experimental research and co- author of airoots.org and regularly writes essays and articles for publications such as the New York Times and Oxford University Press. For Echanove and Srivastava it is time for the slum narrative, which sees Dharavi as resilient but backward, and in need of radical intervention, to be rewritten.