Diplom Programmes

Traditional Diplom programmes offered by German universities are characterised by a distinct research orientation.
Diplom academic programmes are arranged in four semesters of foundation courses, during which particular emphasis is given to acquiring basic knowledge and skills to help the student choose the most appropriate academic and professional paths. This is followed by six semesters of advanced courses, during which students consolidate their knowledge in their specialist field.
The faculty has since modular and restructured its Diplom study programmes with a view to satisfying the requirements of the new Bachelor/Master system. This is particularly advantageous for BTU students, as they will have the possibility to transfer smoothly from the old system to the new one (and vice versa).
Through the 2008/2009 winter semester at least, students will still be able to enrol in Diplom programmes. Once the changeover is completed, students who were already enrolled under the old system will still have the opportunity to finish their academic programme according to schedule.